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KZ ZS10 Pro X

KZ ZS10 Pro X

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These headphones offer an impressive audio setup with a 10mm dynamic driver and four 50024 balanced armatures for accurate and balanced audio quality. 29Ω impedance and 112dB/mW sensitivity keep volume level high with low distortion.

The metal alloy shell provides excellent strength and sleek aesthetics, while the silver-plated cable with 500D nylon thread provides high-level audio quality and enhanced durability. The 2 pin 0.75mm QDC connection type is widely used for headphones, providing a solid and reliable connection.

Signature: Balanced


Configuration: 1 x 10mm Dynamic Driver + 4 x 50024 Balanced Armatures

Impedance : 29Ω

Sensitivity: 112dB/mW

Frequency : 20-40000Hz


Shell : Metal Alloy

Cable: Psilver coated with 500D nylon thread

Connection type: 2 pin 0.75mm QDC

Weight: 6g per earphone + 27g with cable

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