Les signatures des écouteurs

Earphone signatures

To know which pair of earphones to choose, we need to know the type of sound they offer. For this we will rely on a measuring head which will give a visual measurement of its audio signature.

Measurement equipment: MINIDSP E.AT.R.S

We want to push this information to you in order to have an informed and precise choice.

Type signature



  • Bassy or descending signature:

Emphasizes the bass and recedes the treble, a signature highly appreciated by electro fans. It's a flattering sound but difficult to appreciate on calmer styles such as chill, dub or variety.

  • "V" or dynamic signature:

Very used and very appreciated by many people, especially for rock and metal, emphasizing the bass and the treble, it is very flattering for the ears but makes the voices less intelligible, more withdrawn.

The sound can seem more tiring or sibilant if the treble is too prominent.

  • U-signature:

Less common, this one highlights only the bass below 100hz and the extreme highs above 10khz.

This allows you to have a bass that responds to dynamic music styles such as rock, pop or electro but remains wiser on calmer styles such as ambient or classic.

  • Balanced Signature:

Enjoyable for its versatile side, it slightly boosts the bass and treble, which makes it pleasant for all styles but will never be specifically "incredible" somewhere.

  • Clear or rising signature:

Uncommon and not necessarily appreciated, the bass is set back and the treble forward. Very appreciated for its detailed side they are especially pleasant for classic or details, the airy side will give a very pleasant rendering.

  • Neutral signature:

No, this signature doesn't give the closest rendering to the musician, no, it's not the best signature.

This signature is appreciated for its flat side, nothing is highlighted, nothing is set back, but generally the sound is not appreciated, especially without experience, appreciable on styles calm it remains an interesting experience, but it is not an ultimate goal.

  • Mid-centric signature:

Focused on the voices, it's a rare signature but interesting for those looking for prominent voices, which stands out from the rest but neglects the rest or has an emphasis on the melody.

Beyond the style of music, it's mostly for personal preference

Of course, this is only a rough view, 2 headphones with the same signature will not necessarily have the same rendering, due to its configuration or the choices of each manufacturer!


We will see in more detail all the small variations that impact the final rendering on a future article.

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